The Chateau de la Foltière-
Five rooms for an unexpected pleasure

    The chateau de la Foltière is planted in the middle of the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne, and belted 24 contemporary gardens to enjoy every season, a few minutes from the medieval city of ferns and not far from Mont-St-Michel.


    At the Château de la Foltière, it's snowing flowers,
    more than 8,000 varieties of all continents,
    in this gigantic twenty-five hectare garden,.
    one of the most beautiful in France...
    François Coulon - Europe 1


    It is not an ordinary hotel, you will find no reception on returning, not red carpet, or staff who rushes on you to carry your luggage but the home will be even more friendly... You will be greeted as friends. If you love silence and nature, your wishes will be fulfilled and you will discover the Botanical Park which will not cease to surprise you.



    • The castle is equipped with an elevator for access to the room in a wheelchair
    • The Pissarro room provides facilities for motor disability.